Circle’s Short Circuit Redux is a participatory project involving twelve video and sound artists from New York

Ten years ago I produced and directed a feature-length experimental film entitled CIRCLE'S SHORT CIRCUIT, a genre-crossing episodic film dealing with various  aspects of modern communication technologies and their psychological side-effects. There were five distinctive episodes, all created in an individual film genre, ranging from silent film style to Cinema Vérité. (more info: The film had been shown in art museums, galleries and cinemas worldwide, i.e. MoMa, Harvard Film Archives, Yerba Buena, Flaherty Film Seminar, among many others and was included in the American Century II exhibition at the Whitney. Film critic Jonathan Rosenbaum included it in his top ten best films list of 1998. It is distributed by Video Databank, Chicago, Lightcone, Paris, and Kinemathek Hamburg.

Ten years later I re-digitized all original camera footage and asked five film and video artists:

Jim Supanick, eteam, Torsten Burns and Leslie Thornton and Deborah Stratman. I asked each of them to re-cut one particular episode, with no rules, or thematic obligation. Likewise, the music that was originally composed for the film was rotated among the involved composers and is now remixed by another colleague:
David Linton, Hahn Rowe, and Owen o’ Toole. CSC’s main theme, original five variations of a Uzect Plausch track by DJ Olive are  re-remixed by  DJ Olive’s former band WE™ members, Rich Panciera and Ignacio Platas.


project status: in production (2011)

work samples