1986, 16mm Blow-up from S-8, color
1986 BUMP AND BUMP (16mm Blow-up, 6,5 min)
Subjective camera perspective simulates the view of a basket ball during a training session. Fast Movement transforms the space into abstraction.

awards: Filmtage Salzgitter Germany
Grundig European Sport video awards

KOPF MOTOR KOPF 1989 | 13,5 min | 16mm | b/w
The theater dressing room as the transitory place between one's self and the appropriated character of a play. On the traces of Antonin Artaud’s 'Theater of Cruelty'.

Kopf Motor Kopf is the sucessful effort to create a kind of "Cinema of Cruelty" that destroys the blind confidence into the given structures of images and sound. If all action is cruel (Artaud) there should not be any chance for the cinema viewer to get away. Kopf Motor Kopf is an assault on cinema as a blind asylum.
Willy Krakow, jury's statement for the 1st prize at EXPERI ‘89
Jury Prize and Audience Award. Bonn, Germany


1991 | 16mm | 13 min | b/w

An encounter of myths.
Is the world more resembling a flat, grammophone record or a child on the back of Atlas?

"A parable and mystery play in which Aaron, Pascal and "the world" come together. A poor drip (sad sack) drowns in his own self-pitty. Highly talented Caspar Stracke has something to say against the pathos and wold-escape in this elaborate film full of staging, costume design. He is becoming concrete at the beach of Coney Island." (Dietrich Kuhlbrodt, Franfurter Rundschau)

with: Nashom Wood, Matthew Courtney, Hiltrud Stahl.

award: Gold Medal, NY Expo, 1994


1993 | 16mm | 19 min | b/w
A semi-autobiographical essay on the life and work of Austrian expressionist poet Georg Trakl. An incestuous relationship between brothetr and suster is becoming the essential life-driving force - and unltimaively its own decline.

"Silvery exhibited not only uncanny sensitivity to the Austrian poet Georg Trakl, whose work sevres a catalizing inspiration, but a novel poetic inventiveness on its own." (Mark MacElhattan)

with Monika Schubert, Dieter Krackauer, Ichgogla Androgyn, Dietrich Kuhlbrodt.


1995 | 16mm | 17min. | color + b/w

Tracing, re-constructing and reviving a filmscript of a passed away film-maker friend, that developed itself into a diary of the last three years of his life. AFTERBIRTH is the "outcome" of
AFTER VANYUSHA (1995 | 16mm | 40 min. ) a previously released longer essayistic verion of the same subject.

"Stracke uses the given possibilities of the medium film to continue a dialogue with a friend that passed away. The result is an impressing film that underlines Mr. Stracke's position as one of the most interesting experimental film makers in Germany."
Johanes Tritschler, journal film # 28

with Gershom v. Schalfenberg, Markus M. Schilling

Prize of the German Film Journalists Oberhausen 1996