Video Art can nowadays be found as a substance - almost everywhere. However it appears hardly ever in pure form. It esist iin different fields, facets, definitions, as local/global networks, festivals, distribution, museum, gallery or other display carriers.

In the fast expanding, cross-over hungry field of media art, video art has definitively become an endangered species.
Technology is so good in dictating when to change parameters - and labels. Media disciplines merges and discussion that once were anchored in a specific field can easily get irritated.

LOSSLESS VIDEO is the attempt to be a nexus, discussion list and bulletin board for those who seek a forum centered around video art and its criticism.
That is, less technological more aesthetucal.

The forum welcomes essays, articles, reviews, open calls and fresh thoughts on current video art activities.

We decided not to publish the usual festival/grant listings on LOSSLESS VIDEO because they already exist in perfect form on several other networks such as :

UNXposed (grants, residencies, festivals, etc)
SEPCTRE (an extraordianry mailing list, a "channel of people involved in old and new media in art and culture")
Danish Video Data Bank. (festival listings - and hundreds of video/media network connections)

Lossless Video is conducted through THE THING,
The forum exists as a bulletin board as well. For those whose accounts are already flooded with other discussion lists. (See directions.)


Everything that is anti-anti-aliased.



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